11 November 2009

Some small stuff

Just a page from the book again.  I love tree's and drew this one a couple of times.  When it finally decides to actually really cool down here in Tucson(highly unlikely) I want to take the easel down to the park where these tree's are and do some paintings there and the surroundings.  We'll see, it's fall here in the desert but it still feels like summer...despises it...I loathe the heat...I'm gonna crawl back into the freezer now:)

This second piece is still a idea in development for the imagine fx cover.  I got a couple other sketches too but this one is popping out at me.  I'll be posting it in the critique forums.  This competition I'm refering to is the cover comp that Imagine FX is running till Jan 20th 2010 I believe.  Info here- link

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