01 April 2010

Make it Stop!

Finally got a chance to update a little here.  I have to go on record here and say this is indeed the worst year I've had so far dealing with electronics malfunctioning on me.  Often reminds that it good to work traditional also when all this digital stuff crashes and burns literally speaking.  I assure you it will happen to you also eventually.  Last week my computer died on me...the third time.  They say everything comes in three's and I'm believing it know.  In any case the hard-drive blew up on me January.  February the computer ate a cd and they had to replace the optical drive.  This month the hard-drive blew up and motherboard.  I really would much enjoy dropping a nuke on this cursed thing but I can't right now.  I certainly won't be buying another Imac anytime soon.

Good news! I finally got my first ever drafting table.  I never really worked on one before but it already has helped me tons.  I got it off craiglist for $50.  It's a cool old school table made out of oak.  These pictures are better then mine of what it looks like link  .  I certainly recommend that if you get one to look on craiglist first also.  Most tables are over-priced in stores.  Your better off building your own or getting one used.  If you got the money go for the new ones but that's just my two cents.

Past couple of days I've been studying Bob Kato who is a tremendous artist.  He has a great Gmomon series out on constructing the head.  I enjoyed his series on doing faces on toned paper so I gave it a shot.  The first portrait your going to notice right of the bat was done by Bob Kato.  This one right here -link

I just wanted to figure out how he shaded things in.  From there I did my separate studies,  It was pretty fun working on this paper.

I did also this quick painting in ps.


KFM Gallery said...

great sketches.. is that white colored pencil? pretty sweet.

Trashy said...

Thanks man!

Yup I'm using the white pencil on toned paper. Actually it's white charcoal but you can get them in the shape of pencils.