08 November 2013

About Time

Well, kind of took awhile to update this thing finally again.  End of the year is coming around so thought it would be time to finally get this up.  Soooooo less typing more artwork.

First pieces I did recently for a awesome group on facebook daily spitpaint.  They do 30min topics pretty much everyday and there are really amazing people posting there.  Trying to give myself 30min everyday to do something on the topics they present.

 Next up is for a piece I'm still working on.  Lately I'm having a ton of fun inking shapes traditionally and drawings and then turning them into custom shapes.  Trying the keep things graphic.

 This was awhile back.  I did recently around 30 illustrations for a solitaire game.  Actually pretty fun working on all these.

And more work just getting around to posting.  This was done for a tabletop game and was going to be in a booklet and pdf that came with it.

Some more personal work.  Rocks!  No literally just rocks...

New work On Exoplanet, current game I'm helping on with the environments.

And another personal piece with thumbnails.

Phew okay this was a lot to go through.


Jared Jones said...

Awesome update, love all the new work.

David Heidhoff said...

Awesome stuff Sean,
these custom ink shapes are really working for you! I gotta try that :)

Sean Thurlow said...

Thanks Jared and David:)