17 July 2014

older work and scribbles

Realized I had older works I think I also posted on facebook but not here so throwing these up also.

10 July 2014

Back from Hiatus

I had a folder sitting on my desktop labelled "update blog!" doing me the evil stare these past weeks.  So yes I'm not dead and been pretty busy earlier this year.  But got alittle downtime this week.  So here is some work.  Honestly if you guys follow me on facebook you have seen this stuff already.

First up is work I did for indie developer http://www.rangeplusone.com/ .  These guys are working hard on their first game Fatal Velocity. 

And here are two doodles for from a group on facebook brainstorm.

03 January 2014


Just some studies and randomness I forgot to put up here.