18 June 2010


Boy it has been awhile!

A lot going on in life lately.  It's been one crazy year so far and no doubt it's gonna get even crazier...which is just how I like it.

So about two months from now I'll be making the move to California.  So a lot going on again.  I'm excited!

I have been working on a couple projects on the side and been getting involved in some contests so here is some new work from me.  I went ahead and made two animations on the last pieces so you can sorta see my process to those two.  I really do actually want to livestream and have had a account set up for awhile so maybe when I'm done with the move I'll get that going.  Hope you enjoy the new works.

Value studies

Recent Client work for Andre Bedward at Rocket Galaxy Comics

I believe the site is still being designed but keep your eyes on it. http://www.rocketgalaxycomics.com/

Two pieces done for contests on the web recently.

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KFM Gallery said...

kickass work... bet you win those contests.