29 June 2010

Fast Stuff

So I've been all about thumbnails lately and banging out some fast concepts this week.  I usually spend a long time just doing fully completed illustrations so I thought it was time to maybe loosen up some...you know...can't be tight all the time.  So did some messing around with that.  I did a couple doodles on my way to Laguna Beach also.  Yeah,  I'm moving there two months from now.  It's really very exciting.  The 100+ degree weather has been killing me here in AZ these last couple of days.


Jeffrey Lai said...

oo hurrah for the pencils!
love the thumbnails too
they all have a really nice flow to them!

Matthew Scheuerman said...

as I said before on twitter...I LOVE those thumbs. Where did you learn to do thumbs like that?

Trashy said...

Thanks Jeff, trying to rock those pencils like you lol :D

Thanks Matthew-honestly man I think it just comes from doing environments often, I always have a hard time explaining this stuff. Just lots of practice basically. I tend to use the clone tool ALOT to sample off parts from previous thumbnails, I find it good for making crazy messes which I actually sorta like painting on. White backgrounds drive me crazy. It's a creative process that gets me moving faster.