06 March 2011

Lot's of stuff

Gah been lazy with the posts here!  Some more sketches from me, models and works in progress from class.  Experimenting with new brushes also and getting more textures.

From the sketchbook

Story beats from visual storytelling for games.  Still getting used to storyboarding and making the frames go together.

Doodle and works in progress for environment 1.  I did some asset creation and some quick modeling also with sketchup and zbrush.



Jeffrey Lai said...

oh man Sean
you just keep getting better and better
love all the updates you post!
(hope you're doin well!)

Sean Thurlow said...

Yo Jeff, dude it's been awhile! How have you been? I need to see what you've been up to lately. Were you still doing stuff for d&d? I'm doing well and thanks man for the kind words. I'm staying busy that's for sure. There so many good artists here in Cali! Hope your doing well also.

Erik Ly said...

Sean we want more art on this blog! haha You're holding out on us!!

Sean said...

:D haha maybe this weekend.

Furman said...

Great stuff! Very creative!

Sean Thurlow said...

Thank you Furman, your stuff is really great also man.