01 May 2011

Yeah I'm alive

So the semester is about wrapping up here and one of my finals is out of the way.  I was basically in lock down not really updating anything until things were done here.  So since things are almost done and in a couple weeks I'll be actually moving I can start breathing a little easier now.  Next semester I'll actually be really living in California in a apartment instead of a dorm.

So anyway here is some stuff from me.  I got a lot more to show in the coming week.

First up is from Visual Storytelling for game.  I learned a lot from this class,  Brian Kindregan
was a great instructor and easily one of my favorites so far.  Really made us think about the stories behind games.  Anyway this was from my final presentation in that class where we had to come up with a whole video game and the games villain and hero, and lastly the environment.

Some stuff from digital painting.

Couple story story beats and more thumbnails.

 And hey look!  More thumbnails:D .  Just sketching super small.  Been trying to do one a day.  more to come soon.

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Erik Ly said...

I've seen all of this before! but it's great that you finally posted em all up. Nice job Sean ahha and once again JUST one more week..