10 June 2012

Environment dump

Yay I can post things! Here's first some environment designs I did a little while ago for the upcoming tabletop sci-fi game "THON". It's being put together by J.R. Vosovic and will be hitting Kickstarter at the beginning of next month. You can find out more and see some other artwork from the facebook page:


Well a couple of these are personal stuff clearly the master copies.  Ha still posted a another piece from school.  I started on a master copying binge collecting a hundred pieces with the intent on studying all of them so you'll see these quite a bit over the summer.  It's fun doing this though I'm discovering many new painters I had no idea about.  Of course I drool over Thomas Morans and Frederic Church's every day but then I find out about  guys like Oswald Achenbach http://www.linesandcolors.com/2011/01/08/oswald-achenbach-2/ .  Hard to find a lot of his work but the pieces that are out there make me melt.

Anyway art stuff. 

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