07 September 2012

The Study Post

Whew, I keep forgetting how draining moving can be sometimes.  I've recently moved alittle further away from Laguna now residing in Orange Ca.  Much been happening and been super busy working with http://automaticgames.net/ working for their game Rings of Orbis and Card game Soldiers.  Lately been studying much more and learning anatomy since my work will require to do some character designs soon.  Usually I post finished pieces on here and paintings  but I thought for a change I'll post my drawing.  A lot of these are examples of studies I do everyday itleast 1hr in the morning then at night before napping .  Been working on finishing Bridgemen's book of 100 hands(more like book of 600 hands!!!).  This has always been a personal goal for awhile.  Gotta say after going through Hampton I'm able to understand Bridgemens working methods much more.  And last but not least! Spheres and materials.  I love spheres, need to do many of these guys. 

But yeah looking back at the arms I got a ton out of them.  One thing that I like to mention on studying that is helping me lately is to have a plan when you study.  Don't just plow through drawings expecting that you will just magically level up if you don't even know why your studying the material in the first place.  For instance with the arms I knew after drawing about 10 from my head and reference(and my own arm) I had a serious lacking in understanding the bones underneath.  My understanding on the Ulna and radius was not enough so I had to do drawing overlays of sports players to see the radius twisting over the ulna.  Then I did more studies to see if I improved.  I didn't dare do any painting until I did over a hundred drawings and I took notes all over the place.  Study smart, think I got that from Anthony Jones!  Thanks man!  Hopefully in next couple days I'll be able to start doing more personal work again alongside my freelance and more updates will be more 

Happy studying to everyone else out there!


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